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The Hound of Heaven

  • The Hound of Heaven

    The Hound of Heaven is a striking film, simultaneously brimming with aggression and tenderness. And Nate [N.D. Wilson] excels in his craft as a director and storyteller with this vivid and imaginative piece of cinema.” – Hisao Kurosawa

    A girl believes that she is fleeing death, when she is actually running away from her only chance at life. Set to a surreal, nightmarish poem written in the nineteenth century by a homeless addict in London.

    The Hound of Heaven
    is a film from emerging director, N.D. Wilson (The River Thief, The Great Divorce) and was Executive Produced by Hisao Kurosawa (Dreams, Ran, Rhapsody in August, After the Rain) and Brian and Sally Oxley, Produced by Aaron Rench and Caleb Applegate, with Cinematography by Dane Saxon Wilson and starring Hip Hop artist Jason Petty AKA Propaganda and Danielle Smith.

    See the Trailer on The Hollywood Reporter and visit The Hound of Heaven website here.