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Monthly Archives: September 2008

Room 3 Horohoro School, Rotorua New Zealand

So, a teacher sent me this shot of her students after they finished reading 100 Cupboards. She said they loved it, so I can only assume that protruding tongues and grimaces are signs of affection in the land of NZ. (Naturally, I replied with some web-cam-captured expressions of my own.) These kids have since whistled through Leepike Ridge, and the one named Jessica (I haven’t identified her in the photo yet) has asked that she be the star of the next series.

Getting sent things like this is one of the best authorial perks. And this shot is the best of the best. Everyone loves the Kiwis.

Your book is terrible.

When I’m at a school or store or convention or anywhere talking to someone who knows what I do for a living, I am immediately asked to offer up an authoritative (and supposedly insider) professional  opinion about the quality of some title or other,  or the abilities of another writer.  I am never more thrilled than when I can say . . . “I haven’t read it/those/them.”  It’s not that I don’t have opinions. I do. Too many, no doubt. The problem is that it feels unprofessional to publicly kick a peer’s work (if I happen to dislike it). It’s easy when I like something–and you can expect me to occasionally trumpet things here. But it’s hard to know how to broadcast public dislike for something without looking like (or actually being) a punk. Read the rest of this entry »


Allow me to introduce my blog, Scribbles. But Scribbles sounds more like a cat than a cyber-tablet of profound thought (isn’t that what I want this to be?). And not even a nice cat. The sort of cat that would sneak behind the sofa and ruin otherwise pristine wood floors. I can’t see this blog doing that.

Allow me to introduce my blog, Sunday Musings. But that’s too . . . I’m not sure what it’s too. I don’t like it. This is not an important blog. This is not a me-baring-my-soul blog (if I can help it). This is me thinking out loud about writing, me responding to questions I’ve been asked about writing (some frequently, some not), and me goofing off and amusing myself in writing. But whatever you (oh, reader) might find here, you can expect it to focus on, spring off of, or dance around, the subject of writing. And I don’t know what to call it. Blog on Writing (BoW)? Musings on Writing and Stuff (MoWaS)? Fuschia Breeze. Love and Typing. Literary allusions could be groovy. Proteal Prose. Much Ado. Heffalumps and Woosels. The Blog and the Fury.

Steve: a blog.

For now. That’s it. For now.