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Monthly Archives: December 2008

DANDELION FIRE Christmas Winners


Thanks to all who participated. The number generator has done its business and the winners of my last two Dandelion Fire ARCs are . . .

Brian (no last name provided – comment #28)


Ryan Birsinger.

Nicely done gentlemen.  Merry Christmas (and not just to the winners).

Final DANDELION FIRE Giveaway (woot, woot)


Christmas is almost here, and I still have two ARCs of Dandelion Fire that I’m sure would be more appreciated wrapped up and waiting beneath trees.

I can’t bring myself to make this giveaway merit based. And it has to be fast if these shiny things are going to get anywhere in time for the big Morning.

So here’s the skinny: Leave a comment and you’re entered. Leave two comments and double your chances. Two comments is the max. At 11:59pm (PST) on the 18th, a random number generator will pick two winners. Both copies will ship on the 19th.

And . . . go.

UPDATE: I’ve been asked if the limit is two comments per person, or two comments per family. Two per person. Family members are welcome to compete against each other.

100 CUPBOARDS in Paperback 12/23

This next week, yea verily, the Christmas week, 100 Cupboards will be releasing in paperback. In stores on December 23, this newer, bendier binding makes stocking insertion a real possibility. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! And merry Christmas too.

Belated Declaration of Victory

So, having perused the various guesses, those who answered correctly have been entered in a lottery, and a winner has been selected. But before the winner receives their (sounds better than his/her) laurels, here be the correct answer:

If you entered door number 90, you would find yourself in the ancient Hall of 100 Pillars, in a hidden chamber beneath the 56th of those pillars, in the ancient city of Persepolis, back 1000 years in time, but in an alternate past in which the city had not been sacked by Alexander.

Nicely done to those who guessed (or googled) correctly. And Laura W: I counted you in, especially because of the Trousers of Time reference.

The winner is . . . JOHN AHERN! Congrats on your shiny new Dandelion Fire ARC.

And thanks to the rest of you (for your kind comments as well as your guesses). I have two more copies which I intend to get rid of in plenty of time for Christmas. Cheers.


P.S. SPECIAL NOTE: The plot of Dandelion Fire does not focus on door number 90.