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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Starred Review Number Three!

Here’s the full text for the starred review from School Library Journal.

The Order of Brendan is an underground collective of sages, historians, and explorers who’ve been guarding the world’s secrets for millennia. On an unseasonably warm summer evening, a mysterious tattooed man arrives at the rundown motel that Cyrus and Antigone Smith and their older brother Dan call home. Before perishing in a bizarre shoot-out, he gifts Cyrus with a set of keys and hints at his father’s involvement in the Order. Morning finds the motel destroyed, Dan kidnapped, and Cyrus and Antigone are plunged headlong into an exciting and dangerous world and pursued by a deadly adversary who will do anything to possess their strange inheritance. Their only hope is to claim birthright admission into an organization they know nothing of–and that may not entirely welcome their presence. They soon discover that the fate of the Order–and of the entire world–is in their hands. This volume marks the birth of an extraordinary new series. Populated with well-crafted characters, peppered with mythological references, and brought to vivid life through Wilson’s masterful storytelling, this book is sure to appeal to the adventurous spirit in all who delve into its pages.

Alissa J. LeMerise, Oxford Public Library, MI S