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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Hello Old Readers, I Have a New Book

Way back yonder, in 2005, I was sitting at a corner desk in my children’s play room, shoveling together the first piles of words and ideas that would eventually become the 100 Cupboards trilogy. Soon after giving that manuscript a break, Leepike Ridge came pouring out in a rush. Leepike was published in 2007, and 100 Cupboards a few months after (right before the New Year). Over the last decade, I have hopscotched my settings all around this country, trying to tap various unique facets of the marvelous whole I refer to as Mythic Americana. Leepike puts the treasure of an ancient Asian explorer in the new world. 100 Cupboards, Dandelion Fire, and The Chestnut King use Kansas (and a touch of Oz mythology) as a launching point. The Dragon’s Tooth, The Drowned Vault, and Empire of Bones do a bit more continental roaming, but Oconomowoc, Wisconsin and Lake Michigan serve as origin and hub. Boys of Blur wades through the Florida swamps and races old-world monsters through the thick muck of the sugar cane fields.

Ten years and eight novels took me all over the place, but I had never set my narrative feet firmly in the Southwest—one of the most striking regions on this continent. And my other stories hadn’t drawn much on two of the most distinctively American mythic genres—the western (tall tale), and the modern superhero story. The time had clearly come… Read the rest of this entry »