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Monthly Archives: March 2009

I Blogged Elsewhere

So, friendly old Powell’s asked me to write them an essay related to my life/writing. Which I did (The Amazing Tale of the Butterfly-Unicorn-Ballerina-Princess and the Giant, Creeping Land Squid). Check it here. Or don’t. You don’t really have to. No one is watching to see if you click.

Research (More and More)

Aloha to you all (and apologies for disappearing without a word of farewell). My family and I (along with my older sister’s crew) have been sprawling our collective way through a last minute European tour–already dubbed Eurolap 2009. The trek started in London, barged through Belgium, down through Germany, reached the bowels of Rome, looped back up the Italian coast, and sliced through France. Currently, we are all in Oxford, tongues lolling, chests heaving.

We clocked more than 3000 miles of certifiable research in eleven countries–profitable, glorious, hilarious, excruciating research. Robberies in Rome, car-wrecks in Monaco, the tunnels of Brussels, the Grund of Luxemburg, the nefarious ways of Italians . . . I remember them all like they were yesterday. Because they were.

Tomorrow, we hop into a tube of steel and rodeo our way through the turbulence home.

Woof (as in Wooph)

Thanks so much to all of you who showed up and introduced yourselves at my various tour stops. You successfully made me feel guilty for not blogging more (and more thoughtfully). Having actual blog readers raises the stakes a bit. It’s enough to make a guy shut a blog down.

But my wife wouldn’t let me do that, and my publicist would (no doubt) like me to pretend to be relevant in a cyber age.

I really do appreciate the many schools and teachers and librarians and booksellers (and drivers and roomservice deliverers) who made the tour as successful as it was. I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with those mobs of young readers (on gym floors, packed into a libraries, stacked in bleachers).

Especial thanks is due to those who trekked ridiculously far to catch me at bookstores. I know the price the gas.