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Monthly Archives: November 2008

Black Friday Dandelion Fire Extravaganza

So, I said that I would be giving away another copy of Dandelion Fire in November, and November has almost faded away to nothing. But . . . here I am (to save the day). I will do exactly as I promised. However, this giveaway will function a little differently than the last one did. This time there’s a question to be answered.

Rules: Post your guess/answer to the question (one post person, please). Everyone who answers the question correctly will be entered in a lottery (see, chance is still involved). If no one gets it right, then everyone is in the lottery. Make sense? I sure hope so.

Here is the question: If you were to travel through cupboard #90, where/when would you find yourself?

I’ll post the correct answer (and the winner) next Friday. Cheers.

Remember the Alamo!

I’m off to NCTE in San Antonio, TX Thursday morning. On Friday, I will be involved in a panel entitled “Engaging the Disengaged: Taking the Boring out of Books for Boys.” Boys’ literacy is a hot topic these days (because it’s in the tank), so we’ll be talking about picking books for boys, writing for boys, and motivating male readers. Being male and frequently unmotivated, I am an ideal expert.

For those of you who might be coincidentally walking by in your “Davey Crockett Died Here” tees, I will also be signing books at the Random House booth (#313) at 3:30pm.

So You Wanna Be a Writer, Pt. 2 (For the Critics, These Pearls . . .)

Let’s say that you are more than a dreamer. You’ve actually finished a story. Now that you’ve finished it, you’re eager for feedback. You show it to friends. They read through it, and (just as you suspected), it turns out that you’re a genius. They all loved it. So did your mom. At this point, you should be growing suspicious. Is it at all likely that you’ve written the perfect book? Bet against it.

Where’s the criticism? You should be begging for it. You should want resistance. You should want people to try to tear your work down. You should want people with slender fingers and long nails pick, pick, picking at your cheap sweater. Read the rest of this entry »