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Pre-Christmas Giveaway #1

So, I’ve decided to give away more than just Boxing Monkey Patches (though you can still get one by following the instructions here). Now I’ll be giving away signed copies of all my books (Leepike Ridge through The Dragon’s Tooth) in various drawings throughout the holiday season. And entering the first drawing is a great deal easier than pi (which is actually quite difficult). Here’s how to enter…

First, you’ve already seen The Dragon’s Tooth book trailer. Just for fun, we commissioned an alternative score for that trailer (more bluesy/rock). Watch here and be sure to compare it with the original. Vote for your favorite.

Second, hustle over to the new Ashtown Burials Facebook page and Like it. All peeps who vote and Like are automatically in the game for our first giveaway. Up for grabs this time? A signed complete set of the 100 Cupboards trilogy, and two copies of The Dragon’s Tooth AUDIOBOOK. Making three winners in all. Cheers!


Ahoy All Floridians…

I am coming your way!

This Thursday (Feb. 10) I will be hitting the Barnes and Noble in the Coconut Point Mall in Estero, FL from 4-6pm. In addition to hitting it, I will also sign books.

February 11th is going to be jammed with Celebration of Reading events, and many thanks to former Governor Jeb Bush for inviting me to participate. I will be meeting Floridian winners of a 100 Cupboards writing contest for breakfast and then heading into a whirlwind of events for the rest of the day. Hope to see some of you warm weather types there. Cheers.

Of Movies and Things Movieish

As those of you who follow my doings on twitter (@ndwilsonmutters) already know, I have been busy with cinematic work recently. This week I was contracted to adapt C. S. Lewis’ The Great Divorce for the screen. Also this week, I optioned away the film rights to my own “100 Cupboards” trilogy. I expect to be fairly involved in that adaptation as well. I am extremely excited about both opportunities and hope to see them come to fruition before I’m an old man.

Hip, hip for movies. And just so you know, there’s already been a flood of expressed stress and concern for the safety of both stories. Know that I obviously don’t intend to ruin either of them, and that even if I were a malicious, self-destructive, Lewis hater (I’m not, FYI), there’s nothing a bad film adaptation can do to ruin a great book. The book will live on, unscathed, even more widely read than it was before. Exhibit A: LotR. Not that you should worry. I expect both productions (when the producting actually begins) to be fab, and the kind of film I myself would enjoy. And, as you all should know already, when it comes to stories, I’m damn picky.

Appearance Updates

Aloha, and many apologies for my anti-blogging. For those who missed my TODAY SHOW frolic, click here.

Calling all Seattlites! Tomorrow (Wednesday the 28th), I will be misbehaving in the University Village Barnes and Noble at 7pm. At least until they kick me out.

Calling all Boiseans! On Saturday, May 1, I will be doing a signing in your very own Costco (and eating at least one $1.50 Polish and Sody-pop combo). Come by and watch me apply ketchup to title pages.


April Showers [Updated]

Life is hectic hopping these days, and a fair bit of that is book related. Rather than letting events pass (and blog announcing them too late), I thought I should get a month’s worth of 100 Cupboards news off my chest at once. Here goes.

UPDATE: My date with “The Today Show” has been moved back to April 16th: Ya’ll tune in now, y’here. I’m quite excited that I and 100 Cupboards will be misbehaving thereon.

April 18th: I will be at Comic Con in Chicagoville. For those who may be in attendance, I will be scribbling my name in books from 11:30-12:30 at the Random House booth, and then participating in a panel discussion with two other fantasy authors: Jeff Stone and Victoria Laurie. That goes down at 1:30.

Also April 18th and Unrelated to 100 Cupboards: A documentary film (Remaking the Shroud) airs on the National Geographic Channel at 10pm. I haven’t seen the final version, but I’m pretty sure that if you tune in, you’ll get to see yours truly wiggling into a 1st century tomb in Jerusalem’s Field of Blood. (Had a blast working on this project–especially in Jerusalem).

UPDATE UPDATE April 24th May 1: For my more local fans, I will be doing my first ever Costco signing in Clarkston, WA, Boise, ID a mere hourish 5 hours from my house. I’m quite looking forward to it, especially because I can gorge on free samples and leave little sausage stains on title pages. Time: TBD 2PM.

April 28th: A little further northwest, I will be hitting a couple schools in Seattle before an evening event at the lovely, the timeless, the University Village Barnes and Noble. 7 pm. Hope to see you Seattlites there.

And then comes May . . .