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Monthly Archives: January 2010

The Chestnut King Says “Hello” from Merry Olde NYC

I have been doing a lot of gallivanting recently, and it has kept me from blogging (as if I needed keeping). First, a little TV project (not book related) took me to Italia, and then Londontown (a place I enjoy), and then to the ancient walled city of Jerusalem (which I loved, and must see again).

Now, I’m in NYC, and this time my travel is very book related.

The Chestnut King has invaded a bookstore (or website, or Target near you). And so I blog! How else could I tell you get your copy immediately. And if you can’t run right out, here’s a tip, have a mailman bring you one.

I know, I’m hardly objective, but I like this book a whole lot. It makes me happy. It makes me shiver. It doesn’t give me nightmares, but portions of it were inspired by one (no, I’m not telling which portions). Henry and Henrietta and all their many friends, foes, and family members have arrived at an ending that resonates with me–I hope it does with you.

(Hint: In the end everyone dies.)