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Blog Roaming Part the Second

Today, I am over at And so is our mutual friend, Richard Hutchins, continuing his cupboard explorations. Cheers (and Cheerios).

I Also Guest Blog (sort of)

I’m not the most regularest blogger, but the next six days will see that change (starting now).

Today, I am a guest blogger over at Mundie Moms, a site kind and friendly enough to help me peddle my bookish wares. To start (and also as a main course), I have given them the first installment of some notes penned by one Richard Hutchins, chronicling his own attempts to explore the cupboards. To follow, I run through an interview obstacle course.

So, if you like interviews or 100 Cupboards or Richard (who doesn’t like Richard?), then you know where to find me.

‘The Today Show’ and 100 Cupboards

I’m quite pleased (thrilled, grateful, excited enough to go cow-tipping) to announce (though others have already put out the word) that 100 Cupboards has been picked by Al Roker for his monthly kids’ book club on ‘The Today Show’. They made the announcement last week and have been soliciting questions from readers ever since. The book will be featured in a segment on the show some time in early March. Three cheers (and a hey diddle, diddle) for Mr. Roker, his club, cupboards, and chipped walls everywhere.

The Chestnut King Says “Hello” from Merry Olde NYC

I have been doing a lot of gallivanting recently, and it has kept me from blogging (as if I needed keeping). First, a little TV project (not book related) took me to Italia, and then Londontown (a place I enjoy), and then to the ancient walled city of Jerusalem (which I loved, and must see again).

Now, I’m in NYC, and this time my travel is very book related.

The Chestnut King has invaded a bookstore (or website, or Target near you). And so I blog! How else could I tell you get your copy immediately. And if you can’t run right out, here’s a tip, have a mailman bring you one.

I know, I’m hardly objective, but I like this book a whole lot. It makes me happy. It makes me shiver. It doesn’t give me nightmares, but portions of it were inspired by one (no, I’m not telling which portions). Henry and Henrietta and all their many friends, foes, and family members have arrived at an ending that resonates with me–I hope it does with you.

(Hint: In the end everyone dies.)

Chestnut King Winners!

After much terrible slicing and into-pot-inserting, four (4) winners have been selected. I even recorded a dramatic video clip with terrible (late-night whispering) audio of the drawing. But, thanks to Murphy and his darn law, it wouldn’t load tonight, and I know some impatient Australians are already up and wondering why I flaked on the big announcement. So .  .  . without further ado (or an appropriate soundtrack–I had an original ukulele piece by my agent lined up and everything), here are the winners:

Sip Hofstede, Heather C., Paula, and David

If you are wondering if you are the generic David, or the generic Paula, or the slightly less generic Heather C., just wait to see if I email you for your shipping address. As for Sip Hofstede, well, I’m pretty sure you know who you are.

Congrats and Merry Christmas!